TEETH      25. headgear 2

Make sure to wear your headgear as directed by your orthodontist. It only works when you wear it!

  • Always be careful and remove your headgear as you were instructed. The headgear could injure your eyes, cheeks, lips, or your face. (NOTE: In the event of even the most minor eye injury, please seek immediate medical help.)
  • Be sure to remove your headgear before you begin running or playing sports, including rough-and-tumble games. Accidents can happen when you’re having fun.
  • Be careful to prevent anyone from grabbing or pulling on your headgear. Do not wear headgear in situations where there is a chance that it could be pulled off or pushed out of place.
  • Bring your headgear with you to every appointment.
  • Your orthodontist will give you instructions on the care and cleaning of your headgear. To keep the appliance working as it should, be sure to follow those instructions carefully.

Your teeth may be tender or even slightly loose the first few days you wear your headgear. This tenderness is normal and will disappear as you adjust to this part of your treatment. If you continue to be uncomfortable for more than a few days, be sure to let us know.