Will I have pain after the TAD’s are placed?
No. Some patients say they feel a little pressure for a short period of time afterward. Some patients may need to use an over-the-counter medication such as paracetamol or ibuprophen.

What if it aches the next day?
There is no reason for alarm. Minor aching associated with new tooth movement is normal and should be expected. However, if you have concerns, simply call us and we’ll make arrangements to see you.

What if the TAD or its attachment causes an irritation inside my cheeks or lips?
For immediate relief, you can cover the screw with a cotton swab or a small amount of wax. Call us, and we’ll give you instructions and/or make an appointment to see you.

What if the TAD comes loose?
On occasion, a TAD might become a little loose. In most cases this minor mobility is nothing to be concerned about. If you feel the TAD is excessively loose, or is causing discomfort, call us for an appointment.