Common Orthodontic Problems for Children and Adults

Malocclusion (bad biting relationship) is a very common condition among today’s population. The presentation of crooked tooth can either be a dental problem, the underlying jaw discrepancy, or both. Malocclusion often becomes noticeable between age 6 to 12 when the permanent teeth start to erupt. It can be presented as dental protrusion, underbite, crowding, spacing, deepbite, openbite, etc. Malocclusion may affect one’s appearance causing low self-esteem, one’s speech leading to language disorders and learning disabilities, one’s chewing functions leading to digestion problem, and one’s oral hygiene maintenance leading to dental decay and gum disease. Early diagnosis and timely treatment are essential.

The prescription of clear braces or aligners has minimal impact on one’s daily life. Orthodontic treatment is also possible for adults. However, the best time for treatment is during their childhood growth-spurt period. Orthodontics not only gives you a charming straight set of teeth, but also very often, improves your facial profile. We believe everyone would love to have a beautiful and bright smile